Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Iran-Latin America op-ed

Another alarmist Latin America-Iran op-ed. It is too easy to refute--that one is a real doozy, including an acknowledgment that the argument sounds "comical"--and I've done so more times than I want to bother counting, so instead I offer you an easy-to-use template to write your own op-ed. If you use it, then just slip my name in there somewhere for credit.

First, assert that there is a bloc of leftist governments in Latin America that all think and act exactly alike.

Second, assert that Iran plans to join these countries in some sort of unified military operation.

Third, discuss Iranian activities in the region. There are a few real ones, but be sure to include several based on either anonymous sources or no sources at all.

Fourth, discuss how the United States is ignoring the threat and express amazement at its lack of leadership.

Fifth, throw in a few non sequiturs about drugs or immigration. That's always good.

And there you go!


Steven Taylor 12:14 AM  

You forgot to mention the Tri-Border region and Hezbollah in Argenitina!

Steven Taylor 12:17 AM  

BTW, I left that comment before reading the column...

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