Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Latinos and Conservatism

Charles Murray at the American Enterprise Institute says don't hold your breath that Latinos are conservative. He looks at survey data to make the case that as a whole Latinos are not really more opposed to abortion or gay marriage, more religious, or more likely to be married. So far, so good. Then we get this.

I can understand why people think Latinos are natural conservatives. Just about every Latino with whom I come in contact is hard-working and competent. I don’t get into discussions with them about their families and religion, but they sure look like go-getting, family-values Americans to me. But note the caveat: “with whom I come in contact.” There’s a huge selection artifact embedded in that caveat—I always come in contact with Latinos because they are on a work crew that’s doing something at my house or office, or at my neighbors’ houses. That’s the way that almost all Anglos in the political chattering class come in contact with Latinos. Of course they look like model Americans.

Oh boy. The people he sees blowing his leaves are "model Americans" but all the rest are...not. Those who work in white suburbia are good, those that don't are the 47%.


Anonymous,  7:43 AM  

Charles Murray says something racist? Quick, call the press!

Justin Delacour 9:50 AM  

Not sure how the word "conservative" becomes synonymous with "hard-working and competent" either.

Maegan la Mala 2:26 PM  

Nothing like basing your arguments in stereotypes.

AmyLou 12:56 AM  

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Anonymous,  8:05 AM  

hey Justin, i love stereotypes and not living in the US, those stereotypes are our reality. conservatives = hard-working and competent, but selfish a-holes that try to force their views down your throat; liberal = lazy, egotistical, whiny little biatch with an inferiority complex that wants the fruits of your labours.

Defensores de Democracia 3:37 PM  

Mr Weeks

Thanks for Good Articles.

I do not know the Truth and I have many doubts. - I doubt that Latinos will become excellent Republicans overnight.- I doubt that they are Social Conservatives against Abortion, Birth Control, Gay Marriage, Gay Rights in the Army or elsewhere.

I doubt that they will become super Religious being led by priests or pastors on any issue, like idiotic sheep.

I doubt that they will become super Jingoists enjoying Chauvinism, False Patriotism, Ultra Nationalism and "Patrioterismo" ( which in Spanish means ridiculous patriotism ! ).

I would not bet any money on Latinos voting in great proportion for the GOP.

The Republican Party has to lose two or three more Presidential Elections before winning a decent proportion of Latinos ( a la Bush ! ), say 40% or more !

Ann Romney said during the 2012 campaign that Latinos are very gullible, that is easy to deceive ! - Naive Simpletons, and that is why they vote for the Democratic Party.

I doubt that Ann Romney is right.

Bill O'Reilly and Mitt Romney said that Latinos and Minorities in General are moved by cheap gifts of Welfare.

I doubt that they are right !

And I doubt that the GOP can change easily and fast.

Randy Paul 10:44 PM  

That self-awareness train rolls by and some people just refuse to get on.

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