Friday, March 28, 2014


I'm at SECOLAS in New Orleans, and just chaired a panel with papers by Miguel Centellas (Jackson State), Steven Taylor (Troy University and also of blogging fame), and Margott Paucar Espinoza (Universidad Científica del Sur in Peru). Unlike many panels at smaller conferences, the papers fit together really well as each focused on electoral politics in different Latin American countries. We had a good conversation after the presentations about the strategies and problems parties in the region have.

Of course, it's a great location. Being New Orleans, the conference rooms here at the Hyatt French Quarter have jazz piped in lightly.

I mention this every year, but I've been involved in SECOLAS for a long time and really enjoy it. Our plan is to have it in Charleston in 2015, so you (whoever you are) should come.


Unknown 11:39 AM  

I shall be there ☺

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