Sunday, May 18, 2014

LASA Panel on Academic Relevance

The 2014 meeting of the Latin American Studies Association is coming right up in Chicago. I organized a roundtable to discuss the academia/policy divide, which is getting a lot of attention but no one has examined it specifically for U.S.-Latin American relations.

As an academic who is very interested in policy, this matters a lot to me. So I chose a group of people who are similarly interested but from different vantage points. So we have combinations of former policy makers/staffers who are now academics, people who publish on U.S.-Latin American relations, people who work in high-profile think tanks, etc. What can/should academics do now and into the future to avoid policy irrelevance? What does that even mean?

As you might guess, given what I write about on this blog and in my publications I'm really looking forward to the discussion. Join us if you can.


A. Ruiz,  12:53 PM  

Attended this discussion at LASA and found it be one of the best I attended during the congress. I must admit, tho, that it was somewhat scary to hear of the "cold war" mentality that too many of our legislators are still reflecting. Thanks again for this session.

Greg Weeks 12:45 PM  

Thanks! And yes, it is scary and depressing to hear how many members of Congress have not yet left the Cold War.

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