Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Cuba and Menendez

From the Washington Post: so was the Cuban government involved in trying to concoct a story about Senator Robert Menendez? If it is the case, then it demonstrates the Cuban government is pretty unimaginative. The story about underage prostitutes fell apart almost immediately, as the women admitted they were coached and there was no evidence of anything. If the Cuban connection is true, then I assume they figured any sort of splash would possibly derail him. Instead, he won easily.

But if this story has legs and is true, then it will have been a Cuban blunder. There is a slow, painstaking process in the United States to rethink the fundamentals of our attitude toward Cuba. Unfortunately, doing something stupid like this can derail it, or at least postpone it.

Not for the first time, I wonder how much Raúl Castro really wants rapprochement. The status quo serves him well.


Alfredo 10:43 AM  

If I am not mistaken there are ongoing FBI investigations of the senator. Good way to deflect attention.

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