Wednesday, November 05, 2014

French View of U.S. Election

Last week I spoke to a French reporter, who then quoted me in two articles. I can read French only to the extent that it resembles Spanish, so I'll trust he got my quotes right! I emphasized the challenge of getting anything done if Republicans took control of the Senate, and more locally the ways in which the Latino vote might or might not matter for the election given how President Obama has talked so much and done so little on immigration.

We're a funny people. We claim to hate gridlock so much but consistently vote to create it. Collectively we'll complain constantly for the next two years, blaming politicians for the mess we're largely responsible for.


Chris Lawrence 11:48 AM  

I made pretty good (although not perfect) sense out of the interview with my rusty college French. You seemed eminently sensible to me!

Greg Weeks 2:54 PM  

Good to hear!

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