Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Normalizing Relations With Cuba

On Monday I laid out reasons why I though President Obama would take major steps on Cuba policy. Two days later it has happened. As Mel Allen would say, "How about that?" Both presidents will be making statements at noon today.

This is huge. HUGE. Alan Gross is out of prison, as are the three remaining Cubans of the Cuban Five. There will be more, much more, and we will learn more details soon.

At home, there's going to be a political screamfest given that Obama is taking action on immigration at the same time. Obama was finally pushed too far, and now is looking to his legacy on critical issues.

There are some huge moments in U.S. policy toward Latin America, and sadly most of them are negative. This will rank up there and is entirely welcome.


Anonymous,  2:26 PM  

I think it's myopic to ignore the reality regarding the visceral feelings of people who lost everything, even family members, in the revolución. Had I gone through the same thing, I would find it incredibly difficult to forgive or forget. If there is to be some sort of reconciliation, it must include all parties and points of view.

Alfredo 11:14 AM  

Kudos to you on your scoop.

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