Friday, January 30, 2015

9th Blogoversary

Back on January 30, 2006 I wrote my first blog post (and actually forgot to put a title, which I never bothered to correct). I've written a total of 3,676 blog posts over the years, and it has been a lot of fun. Fun is the reason I keep doing it, even though now for years I've heard people saying that blogging is dead. I guess I don't really care if blogging is dead as long as I like keeping my blog alive.

It's fun because I get an audience for stuff I'm thinking about, I get a lot of response (now usually through Twitter rather than comments), I interact with students, I meet people I never would've met otherwise, I get invited to conferences, I talk to reporters, and I even probe research ideas. Since I started, I've published two books, co-edited one, and published a bunch of articles, so it's not taking away from my core professional duties. Given that, I don't really know why my colleagues don't blog. They're missing out.


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