Monday, April 06, 2015

Investigating Colombia Rape Case

Two weeks ago I asked why U.S. media not covering the allegations that U.S. citizens raped Colombian girls. The case is now creeping into the U.S. consciousness, as USA Today reports that the U.S. Army announced it is looking into them. I thought the allegations themselves were newsworthy, but the U.S. Army's response definitely is.

After writing the original blog post I was contacted by several people in response. As I understand it, the commission was set up in a way that allowed each member to essentially write what they wanted even if other members disagreed. The allegations came from one member, Renán Vega, who was seen by some others as an unreliable source. My main response was that I didn't think it mattered--this was newsworthy, as was providing that context, even if the facts may remain in doubt or dispute.

Now that's a moot point, and I am not a reporter but I would think that done well this story could get a lot of attention in the mainstream media.


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