Monday, May 04, 2015

Mexico's Role in Obama's Plan to Take Over Everything

Did you know that members of the Mexican army and federal police are in a camp inside Texas, along with members of ISIS, and that President Obama put them there so he could launch an attack and then proclaim martial law in Texas, which of course is what he's been trying to do all along?

This is what the Governor of Texas believes and he deployed the Texas State Guard to keep an eye on the Navy Seals who apparently are part of the plot. The Texas Department of Public Safety has said this is nonsense, so at least someone is sane.

Conspiracies are normally entertaining, but they get scarier when they're articulated (or at least not rejected) by those in positions of power. Just ask Venezuela. And what do you know! The Venezuelan government just repeated its claim that U.S. joint military maneuvers with Spain are a pretext for invading Venezuela.

Maybe President Maduro and Governor Abbott should meet and share notes on their respective conspiracy theories.


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