Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bloomberg's Confused Venezuela Editorial

Bloomberg's editors have a very confused editorial about Venezuela. It argues that Venezuela's neighbors need to address its impending implosion, yet focuses largely on the U.S. and China. It argues that economic crisis is severe, yet suggests that creditors should squeeze it harder. It argues that the U.S. should "intensify" diplomatic overtures without explaining what that means. It argues that the U.S. should enlist Cuba's help with making Venezuela more democratic, which is nonsensical. It concludes by arguing that the U.S. needs to send powdered milk. The end.


Unknown 4:00 PM  

It's inarguable that Venezuela is in crisis. I agree that Bloomberg's off the beam in many ways though.

One sign of the crisis in Venezuela is the embracing of the moringa tree as a salvation for Venezuelans. Fidel Castro swears by the moringa tree saying that it saved his life. He also endorsed the tree as an answer to world hunger and malnutrition.

Nicolas Maduro takes Fidel Castro's counsel very much to heart as did Hugo Chavez.

Incidentally, when the opposition had succeeded in getting a recall vote of Chavez' presidency on the ballot and polls showed him losing it was Fidel Castro who convinced Chavez to allow the vote to go forward and to announce that he'd accept the outcome. Cuba helped launch the very popular medical program that probably made the difference between losing and winning. Chavez won. Chavismo may win the upcoming parliamentary vote December 6 because the opposition is fragmented and some are even deserting to the government side.

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