Monday, October 05, 2015

Malvinas Marathon

The Marathon for the Malvinas. This was an actual thing, and not the first one. The Argentine government helped organize a marathon to inspire solidarity for getting the islands back from Great Britain. It's very high-minded. For example:

Los Argentinos corremos por la protección del medio ambiente y la biodiversidad frente al inminente riesgo de explotación remota e irresponsable de nuestros recursos naturales

Quick translation:

We Argentines run for the protection of the environment and biodiversity in the face of the imminent risk of remote and irresponsible exploitation of our natural resources.

A slightly more accurate version would include the fact that the Argentine government really wants to be the one to be leading that exploitation.

At any rate, the government's message is for "dialogue" and "peace," though it's unclear how to achieve those when the self-proclaimed Falkland Islanders are uninterested. As you might guess, the British tabloids were indignant.

Just yet another nineteenth century legacy that remains relevant. This is why I talk so much about history in my Latin American politics and U.S.-Latin American relations classes.


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