Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The Diversity of Chavismo

I highly recommend Hugo Pérez Hernáiz's roundup of the Chavista reaction to the Venezuelan elections. The key point: diversity.

Government and pro-government forces have been reacting to Sunday’s adverse elections results. Comments have ranged from the self-critical to the blaming of an “economic war” waged by the opposition.

It is tempting and easy to portray Chavismo as a bloc.This usually involves taking quotes from Nicolás Maduro and/or Diosdado Cabello, both of whom are relentlessly hyperbolic, and attributing that to their constituents. But that isn't even close to accurate.

That fact is also important for understanding why Maduro would choose not to take the extreme measures his opponents feared he might, and which he indirectly alluded to himself. Knowing the diversity within his own loose coalition, he knows such measures would not receive universal acclaim. Perhaps not even majority support.


Unknown 4:34 PM  

One can even see this diversity within Aporrea--a place where contributors self-select in as more extreme partisans to begin. Anecdotally, the most intransigent chavistas I know are not the poor, but ideologized middle-class ones.

John Polga,  4:34 PM  

Sorry, I forgot to add my name. Anyway, good food for thought.

Greg Weeks 4:36 PM  

Yes, I look at Aporrea just from time to time, and it is really all over the place.

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