Monday, May 30, 2016

Cuba Response to Luis Almagro

Granma published a lengthy letter rebutting Luis Almagro's scathing letter to Nicolás Maduro.

What was particularly notable was that the Granma letter contains exactly no defense of Maduro. Instead, it is an attack on Almagro and the OAS, which of course Cuba has criticized for years.

If we ignore for a moment the accusations against Maduro, the glossy résumé brandished by the OAS Secretary General – in which he refers to himself as a champion of “the principles of freedom, honesty, decency, public integrity,…democracy and human rights” – presents us with a revolutionary Almagro, begging the question as to how, with such a record, he managed to become the head of the most anti-democratic multinational organization on the continent.

He ignored the accusations "for a moment" and then never got back to them. The point here, though, is that these days Maduro doesn't have too many defenders. The main tactic to deal with accusations is to accuse the accuser. Rarely does that include discussion of Maduro's performance. So who's left on his side?


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