Sunday, August 07, 2016

Biden and Bachelet Talk Colombia

Vice President Joe Biden had a phone conversation Chilean President Michelle Bachelet. They also had a meeting back in April. What really struck me was that in both conversations, Biden brought up the Colombian peace negotiations.


The Vice President welcomed Chile's continuing commitment to the Colombian peace process and the two leaders pledged to deepen their collaboration as the peace process reaches its conclusion, in concert with their Colombian partners. The Vice President also highlighted the robust support of the U.S. Congress for the implementation of a Colombian peace deal. 


The Vice President praised Chile's constructive role in addressing a number of regional challenges in the Americas, including its support for the development of the Northern Triangle countries of Central America and its vital role as a facilitator of the Colombian peace process. 

Remember that the Democratic platform this year somehow mentions Colombia while entirely ignoring the peace process. Kudos to Biden for making sure to emphasize it and acknowledging Chile's role.


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