Monday, October 03, 2016

Losing the Colombian Referendum

The Colombia peace referendum failed by a 50.2%-49.8% margin, with about 54,000 votes out of 13 million making the difference. Collectively we're going to be analyzing this result for years to come, comparing it other other yes/no referenda, etc.

One thing I've written about before is how this particular situation is different from other Latin American examples because the FARC is deeply unpopular. Guerrillas in other cases, such as in Guatemala or El Salvador, had a solid base of support and so could reintegrate. As I was discussing with Adam Isacson in my last podcast, the FARC will have a hard time winning any votes. A sizable chunk of Colombians do not even want to give them the chance because of the destruction they've wrought. And there's no domestic constituency the FARC can turn to for support.

What's ironic is that the FARC responded to the loss by blaming the "destructive power" of the opposition.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - People's Army (FARC-EP) deeply regret that the destructive power of those who sow hatred and rancor have influenced the opinion of the Colombian population.

No, not really. The FARC had been spreading hate and rancor for decades, and now is reaping what it sowed.


Unknown 11:12 AM  

All those who voted against the deal should now consider themselves equally responsible for each and every future death from continued conflict.

Greg Weeks 4:34 PM  

An interesting ethical question. If your goal is harsher penalties for the FARC, how many lives are worth achieving it?

Alfredo 8:11 PM  

What the hell happened here..........

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