Friday, February 24, 2017

John Kelly vs. Donald Trump

I wonder how long John Kelly will want to keep his position at DHS. As someone who until recently served as a commander, he's being undermined his own commander on a regular basis. It all started when Donald Trump blamed him for the rollout of the immigration Executive Order.

Now, as Kelly went to Mexico to discuss the two DHS memoranda outlining the process by which the administration would speed up deportations, the president is undermining him while he's abroad.

Trump: This is a militarized operation
Kelly in Mexico: This is not a militarized operation, and it's the media's fault for saying it's militarized

Sean Spicer: U.S.-Mexican relations are "phenomenal"
Mexican government officials: We told John Kelly we disagree with just about everything

Trump: We're getting really bad dudes out of the country at a rate never seen before
Kelly: There is no mass deportation

You could parse this last one, arguing that "mass" is different from "bad dudes." But since both the memoranda and Trump himself lump undocumented immigrants together in one bloc of "bad," then it's reasonable to argue that he sees bad dudes are everyone.

Maybe Kelly believes enough in the mission he's trying to fulfill. But Marine Corps General to this? It must be unpleasant.


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