Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Trump Talks Venezuela's and Cuba's Language

From last night's State of the Union Address:

We will respect historic institutions, but we will respect the sovereign rights of all nations. And they have to respect our rights as a nation, also. Free nations are the best vehicle for expressing the will of the people and America respects the right of all nations to chart their own path.

I immediately thought this was something that could have come from the mouths of Raúl Castro or Nicolás Maduro. I assume both were relieved to hear it.

Castro last month:

“Cuba and the United States can cooperate and live together in a civilized way, respecting our differences and promoting that which benefits both countries and peoples,”

Read more here:

Maduro last year:

We believe that our world must be based on the rules of international law, without interference in the internal affairs of other countries. We are convinced that the relationship of respect between all the nations is the only path for strengthening peace and coexistence, as well as for ensuring a more just world.

This is a crumb, to be sure, and there is a gap between what Trump says and does. But he's not a democracy promoter, and although he may not engage with Venezuela or Cuba, this is a signal that intervention is not a priority.


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