Friday, August 25, 2017

Venezuela Complains about International Press

The Venezuelan government did a study of front page news in foreign newspapers and complains that Nicolás Maduro's rambling press conference did not receive much coverage. Instead, papers focused on Trump's military comments and Luisa Ortega's flight from the country.

They conclude that this is the result of censorship and hegemony. It's more accurate to say that the latter two issues are actually news, whereas Maduro repeating himself is not. We heard nothing new at the press conference, except for the normal vague pronouncements and not-credible assertions of being ready for sanctions.

From a PR perspective, this is such a big difference between Maduro and Hugo Chávez. Maduro is boring and rarely has anything new to say. Chávez suffered from neither.


Quico T 8:20 AM  

The "study" was followed by harassment aimed at the Reuters team that covered the Maduro presser and two Colombian broadcasters kicked off of Venezuelan cable grids...and that's the thing, this isn't about SIBCI practicing academic media criticism, this is about sustaining censorship.

Greg Weeks 5:55 PM  

Point taken.

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