Saturday, September 30, 2017

Trump's Response to Puerto Rico

Back in 1998, Lars Schoultz published Beneath the United States: A History of U.S. Policy Toward Latin America. The core argument is that policy making has been based on the belief in Latin American inferiority. That should inform how we understand Donald Trump's response to Puerto Rico. It is their fault.

This comes on the heels of his tweets about how Puerto Rico is a disaster to begin with and needs to pay the banks.

In short, Puerto Rican leaders and weak and incompetent. Only the mighty U.S. government can save these poor people, who are incapable of doing it themselves. And, of course, they will need to pay for our beneficence. They also need to be grateful. Even better if they show public gratitude to Donald J. Trump. If not, he'll go on Twitter to show his displeasure.


Ken 4:12 AM  

Greg -- Here is a good interview on Washington's response with Andrew Schrank, from Brown University

Anonymous,  9:22 PM  

I simply thought he was pandering to his base. If he can put the screws to non-whites politically, he exploits it.

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