Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Quick Thoughts on Mike Pompeo and Latin America

Franco Ordoñez writes that Latin America might look favorably upon Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. What the "favorable" really boils down to is the idea that Latin American leaders don't want to be ignored almost completely, as has been the case up to this point. But Pompeo is hawkish even for hawks and I expect initial shared interest in pushing Venezuela to sour. I expect the specter of Middle Eastern terrorists going crazy in Latin America and getting ready to invade the U.S. to reach the highest heights we've seen yet. I expect Cuba policy to deteriorate further just at a moment of opportunity with change of leadership. And I expect all that to start chafing before too long.

I do hope I am wrong. 

It seemed like Rex Tillerson would be moderate, and that was true. It would not surprise me if Pompeo's reputation for hawkishness holds up as well.


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