Saturday, November 10, 2018

Moving Away from Anti-Relations in Latin America

Chris Sabatini has a rundown of the possible impact of the midterm elections on U.S. policy toward Latin America. One thing that really strikes me is that there is no agenda at all for engagement. Trump is anti-trade, anti-immigrant, anti-leftist, anti-CICIG etc. whereas some of the more prominent members of the new House majority are anti-trade but also anti-anti immigrant, anti-Bolsonaro, anti-Venezuela, and so on.

What are we for?

Chris mentions accountability for foreign aid, which is fine, but it's oversight more than policy itself. When John Bolton gave his speech, it was all anti. Here is what we really dislike. Is there anything in the hemisphere that we like? Even with Democrats in the House: beyond trying to treat immigrants with humanity, what are their positive priorities in the region beyond platitudes about democracy?

What about the Colombian peace deal? What about CICIG? What about trade? What about climate change?

Update (11/11/18): Pushing for TPS is certainly one good example.


Unknown 10:34 AM  

Don't you just have to go back to 2015 to know what the Ds (and many Rs) are for in Latin America? As recently as then, things seemed to be going in a decent direction. You mention some of them:

- Gradual opening to Cuba
- Colombia peace accord
- Big aid package to Central America
- Large, mostly non-military aid packages to Colombia, Mexico
- Combination of sanctions and seeking negotiated exit for Maduro (still sort of the policy)
- Improved enforcement of Leahy Law and other HR conditions

That was all ongoing before the wheels came off in 2016.

Greg Weeks 10:43 AM  

I agree with you, but no one has been articulating those very much. The TPR mention that I added is a good exception.

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