Friday, February 04, 2011

China message

From the Financial Times blog: these days the U.S. government has to try and convince people its economic influence is still greater than China's.  And, apparently, we make that argument essentially by saying that with Wal-Mart we can be just as cheap and anti-labor as China.


Slave Revolt,  8:07 PM  

Greg, most all economic elites harbor a fear and angst against labor. Here in the US, among most intellectuals, corporate managerial classes, CEOs, small bsuiness owner stooges, etc., there is a type of inverted Marxism.

Elites are extremely class conscious, and they go to extraordinary lengths to tamp down and disparage class consciousness in the general population.

Beware of impugning the solid reputation of WalMart, they will likely endow your department in the next coming decades with considerable sums of loot--where do you think the hard-earned sabbatical money will come from?

I would say from the labor of the slaves--but that would be, well, anti-American lol. Fuck it, I have been called worse, and generalized oppression is likely to get worse as the oligarchs reinforce the notion that the working class has to continue to take hits in the groin.

Snide comments about WalMart's degenerate ethos and pathological instramentalism allows you to pat your self on the back that you have a level of social conscience.

But when you pimp the standard State Department memes
about the danger of the dictator Castro, as well as instinctively take their lead in covering up the suppression of the democratic impulse--well, you only delude yourself as to the function of your particular role of your cog in the unfolding and grinding ecological and social squalor.

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