Saturday, February 26, 2011

Libya and Latin America 2

I recommend this Al Jazeera rundown on the Latin American response to the Libyan crisis, which is much more detailed than others I've seen.  Everyone talks about Venezuela, but Brazil has been very happy in recent years with Gaddafi as well.

One of the stranger developments is the criticism from both Venezuela and Cuba about media manipulation about events in Libya, which is why Hugo Chávez claims he has remained quiet.  Of course, Al Jazeera has been at the forefront of providing news from the Middle East, so is very often the source for western news agencies.  Back in 2006, Telesur and Al Jazeera signed a deal to share content:

Head of Telesur Andres Izarra said his channel felt inspired by the path which al-Jazeera had taken to become a reference point in the Arab world.
Telesur says it seeks to promote regional integration and offer an alternative to US networks.

In other words, up until now the Venezuelan government saw Al Jazeera as a solution, and now suddenly it is part of the problem.


leftside 2:22 AM  

I think you are reaching a bit. Chavez has not said a word about al-jazeera, as far as i know.

When all is said and done, the media coverage by nearly all will have shown to be terrible - relying 100% on one-sided propaganda. Part of that is Libya's fault - which is why they allowed journalists in Friday. There's been nonstop falsehoods about airplanes strafing populations (with no proof), non-violent protests (full of petrol bomb attacks), mercenaries flying in from other countries (that were actually Libyan), etc.

Have there been indiscriminate killing in Libya? Sounds like both sides are guilty. As violence escalated, it was certainly reciprocated. But it is not relevant who started the violence (there are reports of bombing police stations before anyone was reported killed). Is it not relevant to ask whether the foreign policy establishment would support violent insurrection in bahrain, saudi arabia, jordan or los angeles?

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