Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Immigration reform

More and more stories about how Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham are still working to pass immigration reform, though it is in the "infant stage."  The basic idea, which should be obvious to everyone, is to cobble together all the disparate groups who support it even if they don't necessarily agree on anything else at all.  There isn't much chance of reform happening this year, but if restrictionists are up in arms and refer to bipartisan dialogue as "scheming," then it suggests at least some belief that it could have legs.


Vicente Duque 10:24 AM  

It seems that the Arizona Republicans want to devote all the Time, Energies and Money of the State to a single problem : "Racial Profiling". - They are Monothematic. Psychological Pathologies and Delusions of Arizona Republicans :

Happy Valentine Day for You and Me : One day in the Future Everybody will be beautiful :

All the Time, Money, Energies, Economic Resources, all Police Time in Arizona will be devoted to the persecution of the "Ugly Brownies" .... While many other problems in Arizona become graver and the state experiences losses of Income in Hotels, Tourism, Visitors, Business, Investment, etc ... loss of tax income, and the state finances are not in the best shape. Consider the Economic Slowdown and Home Foreclosures. Consider people abandoning the State while the Real Estate Market is Depressed.

A Monothematic Delusion is a delusional state where the subject is only concerned with one particular topic. It is an obsession

From Wikipedia, about the Monothematic Disorder and Psychological Pathology :

"These disorders can occur within the context of schizophrenia or dementia or they can occur without any other signs of mental illness. When these disorders are found outside the context of mental illness, they are often caused by organic dysfunction as a result of traumatic brain injury, stroke, or neurological illness".

"People who suffer from these delusions as a result of organic dysfunction often do not suffer from any obvious intellectual deficiency nor do they have any other symptoms. Additionally, a few of these people even have some awareness that their beliefs are bizarre, yet they cannot be persuaded that their beliefs are false".

My Comment :

Well, Jan Brewer is beginning to suffer from an "Organic Dysfunction", like when she appears to have Alzheimer during political debates, and stays silent for long, while the audience waits and waits for her to clear her confused mind and while she finds another angle for her obsession, delusions and paranoia with "Illegal Aliens".

Given enough time, all of us will be "Very Beautiful" and "Very acceptable", and there won't be any need of "Racial Profiling".

Vicente Duque

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