Saturday, March 10, 2007

More on the trip

With the addition of Hugo Chávez, the Latin America trip is becoming a duel of caricatures. Chávez seeks every source of media he can to come up with anti-U.S. insults. On Argentine state television, he chanted the very original and uplifting, “"Oh, ho ho! Gringo go home!"

On the Bush side, it’s all about getting more credit for things we don't really deserve. So once again:

"I don't think America gets enough credit for trying to help improve people's lives. And so my trip is to explain, as clearly as I can, that our nation is generous and compassionate."

I hope we see something different, but it is entirely possible that my next post will once more simply quote Bush (“I’m here to get some credit, dang it!”) and Chávez (“Bush is worse than Severus Snape”).


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