Friday, March 30, 2007

White House immigration proposal

The White House has offered its own immigration proposal. It can be summed up as the “Welcome to the USA, now give us all your money and kiss your family goodbye” solution.

If you are here illegally now, then you would have to return to your home country, then pay a $10,000 fine and get in line for a green card. Yes, ten thousand dollars. And if you do eventually become a citizen, you should probably forget applying for family members.

If you want to be a guest worker, you would be eligible for two three-year contracts, but would have to pay $3,500 each time. Yes, seven thousand dollars. In that six year period, you could not bring any family members.

And yet fervent restrictionists like Brian Bilbray say it is too lenient and that it sends the “wrong message.”


Anonymous,  12:35 PM  

I often wonder on what world politicians live on. Seriously, do people really believe these proposals would work? and are people that ignorant to think they would work?

-My guess is yes

Greg Weeks 4:31 PM  

From this White House, anything goes.

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