Friday, April 11, 2008

Baseball bullets

Here are some early season baseball bullets:

  • I don’t think Jim Edmonds is going to work out too well. This year’s Baseball Prospectus says “The Padres’ plan to play him in center in spacious Petco Park is misguided.” Then for Wednesday’s game the money quote from the San Diego Union-Tribune was “Jim Edmonds didn't have the speed to reach Daniel Ortmeier's winning double over his head in center in the ninth, or score from third on Josh Bard's fly to left in the seventh."

  • After the end of last year and the beginning of this year, I get nervous when Trevor Hoffman comes in, which is a drag. I love him but his days seem numbered.

  • Because they are on TV so much, after a total of about 11 years living in NC, I find myself liking the Braves. As a teenager (when they were in the NL West) I would’ve laughed in disbelief at such a possibility.

  • As I mentioned sometime last season, there are few more likable players than the Twins’ Pat Neshek, who blogs here. How many players tell fans exactly when to come down to the bullpen before a game so he can sign autographs?


MSS 1:28 PM  

Well, I have been a big Edmonds fan since he came up in 1994, but I said at the time of his signing by the Padres that this was dumb. Declining offensive skills in a pitcher's park, declining defensive skills in that spacious center field. Just dumb.

But look on the positive side: He is likely to be hurt too often to hurt the team.

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