Thursday, April 17, 2008


I was about to put this in my Shared Items, but it was disturbing enough that I thought I would post it. The blog Fujimori on Trial shows how Alberto Fujimori has become much more popular after being extradited to Peru and put on trial for human rights abuses. In February 2007 9.8% sympathized with him, and in February 2008 that had risen to 14.7%. In a survey of Lima residents, 31.2% said they would vote for him again. Further, his daughter Keiko is a rising star and is increasingly being seen as a viable presidential candidate.


Unknown 2:46 PM  

Yes, it is very disturbing! Fujimori has a large group of sympathizers. Which is why it is so important for us to closely monitor this trial and see that justice is fully carried out. There's been scant international attention on the trial, so if you can help us get the word out on the trial and its importance in international human rights, that would be a huge contribution! Thanks for citing us!

Greg Weeks 10:28 AM  

I think there has been media coverage of this case when something "exciting" happens like arrest, extradition, etc. However, no matter what happens, it will unfortunately be overshadowed by Venezuela and Colombia.

Unknown 2:17 PM  

You're right, I actually have several friends working as stringers here for agencies like the Associated Press and Reuters, and, just as you've said, articles only get written about Fuji's trial when something "exciting" happens. While this kind of coverage has its pros, it would also be good to have more news analyses on the trial because, in the end, it's ongoing and a lot of people don't follow since they don't have much background info. It could be argued that only a select audience is interested in Fujimori's trial, but on the flipside, human rights should be for everyone and this trial is one of very few that marks an important step for democracy, rule of law and human rights on an international level. What do you think could be done to get more people into the trial?

Greg Weeks 3:13 PM  

Unfortunately, probably not much. Most people in the U.S. are not much attuned to Peru in the 1990s, and the Colombia/Ecuador/Venezuela issue is much more "exciting."

Anonymous,  12:14 AM  

It is amazing how people that are absolutely ignorant of Perú and its history can express their opinions and pass judgement on it.

No wonder americans are not well liked anywhere in the world. Being ignorants, selfish and arrogants are clearly america's best exports.

Anonymous,  1:11 AM  

What's really amazing is that some people, rather than sharing opinions or contributing to dialogue, find it necessary to insult others since they have no real arguments. I would be careful not to judge people based on nationality, particularly if you don't know what their nationality is. Please stick to arguments and say something that is actually constructive rather than a mere unwarranted insult. You may find that we have some common ground and I will surely be more than willing to agree with you on certain points. But please, let's address those points. Not irrelevant details.

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