Monday, August 04, 2008

The cold shoulder

Cristina Fernández held a press conference on Saturday, and mentioned VP Julio Cobos once, saying she wanted to "de-dramatize" the situation. She is isolating him, but it is not clear where that isolation will lead--she did meet with him a few days ago but no word on what was said. On Thursday she is going to Mendoza, which is where Cobos is from, but he will not be with her.

So things are settling down, but the essential question I've been asking remains unanswered. What will the president do with a disloyal vice president? The three main possibilities are 1) isolate him and create a situation within which he would prefer to resign; 2) make up and work with him; or 3) ignore him.

Trivia note: reports all mention that this was her first press conference. I did not know that Néstor never held one at all. Also, click here if you want a lesson on how photos can be used in a news story to convey an opinion about the subject.


Lillie Langtry 2:42 PM  

Wow, that's some photo.

It reminds me a little of some of the images of Isabel Peron ("Isabelita") before her overthrow by the 1976 junta.

You can see some kind of examples here and here
but those are not the best, I just can't find an online version of the one I want.

Incidentally, I'm not suggesting that the military are about to overthrow Christina! but rather making a point about (female?) politicians being made to look ridiculous (which may or may not be deserved...).

Greg Weeks 3:51 PM  

The first one you link to makes her look eerily like Spock.

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