Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin and Latin America

I like to keep the readers of this blog informed about the candidates and their views on issues related to Latin America. I can give you the kind of analytical depth you won't find elsewhere.

Having said that, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has been named McCain's running mate. Now we get to the in-depth part: I first heard of Sarah Palin approximately three hours ago. She seems to have no views on Latin America at all. Neither does she seem to be interested in immigration, as Alaska is not the first destination of choice for many immigrants from Latin America.

I hope you now feel a bit more informed.


Jon 2:46 PM  

I, for one, appreciate the service. Heh.

Greg Weeks 2:51 PM  

What's really funny is that right at the moment if you google "sarah palin latin america," this blog post comes up first!

boz 3:17 PM  

I think we should use this opportunity to assign her ridiculous positions on issues that don't matter. Make her deny them if she disagrees.

For example:
Sarah Palin thinks ALBA should build a tunnel train from Caracas to Dominica.
She supports independence for the nation of Airrecu.
She wants the US to conduct naval exercises with Bolivia.
She thinks Mexican shade grown coffee is better than Colombian coffee.
However, she opposes Chavez's plan to dig up the body of Simon Bolivar to find out whether he was murdered. She's hiding something.

Greg Weeks 3:55 PM  

More seriously, with regard to Latin America she'll be taught the conservative Republican line, which McCain endorses. In any case, in a VP debate Biden's views aren't much different anyway.

Anonymous,  5:00 PM  

Sarah Palin is this generation's Dan Quayle. I don't get this one at all. Alaska? And in a year where two Alaskan Republicans (one Senate and one House) are in serious deep shit for various forms of corruption, doesn't this draw unwanted attention for the Republicans to this issue?

Steven Taylor 12:34 PM  

Yes, the information overfloweth.

In re: Dan Quayle--that may yet be the right comparison, although I will say that she comported herself better at the announcement than Quayle did at his (where he came off as something of a goofball).

Anonymous,  2:48 PM  

To further comment, after hearing her speak, McCain has lost my vote. The pick is an absolute embarrassment. She is not qualified for the office of VP, let alone the White House. We want her going toe to toe with Putin? Or Ahmadinejad? We want her standing on the podium at the G7 meetings? They’ll laugh us out of the room.

Just imagine some of the great photos of presidents over the past 40 years and put her in the photo, and it makes you laugh. (Carter with Begin/Sadat, Reagan in front of the Berlin Wall, Nixon on the Great Wall, Kennedy launching the Apollo project, even GWB with his megaphone standing on the ruins of the WTC!)

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