Friday, March 06, 2009

Stymie the stimulus in NC

Some NC lawmakers have introduced a bill to force anyone getting federal stimulus money to use E-Verify to make sure no undocumented immigrant benefits. If we're lucky, then this will just be a symbolic measure where you can show your constituents how tough you are.

If we aren't lucky, then it gets traction and seriously damages the NC economy. Remember that Georgia has acknowledged that using E-Verify is so difficult and expensive that the state has not been able to enforce anything. Businesses are hanging on by a thread, and will be burdened with a system that even its supporters realize does not work. Those who advocate using E-Verify, especially in a recession, have no clue that it is not a magic database.


Defensores de Democracia 6:34 PM  

Mr Weeks :

The Webzine brings two wonderful Serious Economic Articles that show the Irrationality of the "Republican" economic obstructionism that we see by Fox News, Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, etc ...

*********** Number 1
Is Obama responsible for Wall Street's meltdown?
The Demagogues from the Right

It's an absurd argument, but that's where populist rage on the right is heading.
By Robert Reich

***************** Number 2
Obama's timid liberalism - Eisenhower and Nixon provided many public goods for the poor with Taxes for the Richer. The Chicago School banished that Idea. Now there are subsidies for inefficient Private Corporations or Organizations.

Once, even Republican presidents like Eisenhower and Nixon believed in the public sector. Now, during a national crisis, a Democrat opts for inadequate, neoliberal, private-sector remedies. What happened?
By Michael Lind


I have summaries and excerpts here :

So, everybody can see the Paranoia, Fanaticism, Irrationality, Partisanism, and even the anti-Minorities bias in Fox et al.

They just dislike Minorities, and if something favors Minorities ( the poor ) then they become obstructionist.

So American Politics has a lot to do with Minorities, and their benefit. Demand is easier to activate with the Poor than with the rich. The rich just save.

Vicente Duque

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