Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti's independence

Haiti somehow fought for independence from Napoleon III, who was not yet alive at the time, and the Haitians won only because they made a pact with the devil, which then cursed them forever and is to blame for the earthquake.

As Johnny Carson used to say, I did not know that.


Anonymous,  8:26 AM  

Sometimes you just wish that man (Pat Robertson) (WHO ELSE WOULD BE SUCH A HORSE'S ASS?) would just lose his ability to speak. The ability to convert thought to vocalization is truly one of the evils of Satan that God let slip by Him. What a much better place the world would be. And God would actually smile at the silence and not being blamed for every vagary of the planet.

Janira 12:20 PM  

I have studied Haiti's independence many times, and was unaware of such a pact. In all honesty I would not doubt that the Haitian's during that time did so because they where desperate, but I truly do not believe in my heart that God would do such things to innocent people who where not even close to being alive at that time. We do not live in the old testament where everything was by laws. God is forgiving, compassionate, and loving. I believe Haiti will get through this, and God willing the world will be by its side helping them, and showing them God's love.

Janira 12:28 PM  
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Janira 12:29 PM  

Olbermann Slams Limbaugh And Robertson For Sick Comments

look at the video on youtube

Justin Delacour 8:41 PM  

I have studied Haiti's independence many times, and was unaware of such a pact.

It was a joke, Janira. Greg is making fun of Pat Robertson's idiocy.

Janira 9:53 PM  

Hi justin:

I know, he was making fun of him, but I am still trying to figure out where Pat Robertson gets his info from, because it is way off. LoL

leftside 1:48 AM  

At least Robertson tried to offer some historical perspective as to why Port au Price is the hellhole it is in 2009 - ie. history and context. It would be nice if some mention of the US role in Haiti's past were at least allowed to take up one minute of CNNs 24-7 coverage.

Anonymous,  6:57 AM  

As I watch the photos and video I too am left w/o an adequate rational explanation for such a disaster. It pains me to listen to PR as he is a Savonarola in our midst. Nevertheless I haven't see anything in print or a speech that lifts my spirits very much or even comes close to providing words to match the images.

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