Wednesday, January 06, 2010

More negotiations in Honduras

As Pepe Lobo's inauguration looms (in three weeks) in Honduras, the question of international recognition remains. If the Tegucigalpa-San José Accord is followed, then recognition from most countries will be forthcoming. At this point, Roberto Micheletti has consistently ignored calls (including from the Obama administration) to honor the accord.

Craig Kelly is now in Honduras talking to all the players about recognition:

''Kelly assured me that his government does not support Micheletti and is seeking the possibility of the international community recognizing the new government'', Zelaya said, referring to Lobo.

Kelly also talked to Micheletti, almost certainly about resigning, while Lobo himself has also indicated his desire for that outcome.

Meanwhile, RNS at Honduras Coup 2009 notes that the Honduran Congress will likely pass an amnesty bill to let Mel Zelaya out of the Brazilian embassy.

Now it comes down largely to whether domestic elite political pressure will be exerted sufficiently on Micheletti to get him to step down. He clearly feels that doing so suggests he has done something wrong, which he adamantly refuses to accept. He wants to preside over the inauguration.


La Gringa 11:49 PM  

Micheletti said a couple of weeks ago that he will not attend the inauguration. He has never said that he wants to preside over the ceremony. The presidential sash is passed to the new president by the president of the congress, according to the constitution.

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