Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brazil and Honduras

Boz writes about how Juan Manuel Santos did an end run around Brazil with regard to getting Hugo Chávez's support for Honduras' reincorporation into the OAS, which puts Dilma Rousseff in the position of either supporting it or looking extreme.

I would offer a slightly different argument, namely that Rousseff doesn't care.  The Honduran coup obviously touched a chord with Lula, who inserted Brazil in an unprecedented fashion.  But Rousseff, despite her own strong leftist and anti-dictatorial credentials, does not appear particularly interested.  So the end run may more accurately be labeled as taking action while Brazil chooses not to.


leftside 4:25 PM  

I would not characterize this as an "end run" around anyone, or suggest that Chavez and Rousseff are on different pages. They both have been clear that Honduras' recognition depends on Zelaya returning to the country. If a deal has been struck to allow that to happen, which it sounds like, then the demands of Brazil and Ven (amongst others) has been met.

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