Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cartagena and conspiracies

Roger Noriega published an op-ed on the Cartagena Accord.  After reading it, there are three possible conclusions:

First, he believes truly insane conspiracy theories.

Second, he hates Mel Zelaya so much that he's willing to peddle insane conspiracy theories he knows are loony.

Third, as RNS guesses, he's positioning himself for lucrative consulting money from Honduran elites.

Here is the crux of his argument.  The Cartagena Accord is Hugo Chávez's way of taking over Honduras and making it into a narco-state for the sake of Hezbollah.  I promise I am not making that up.

Just read it, and soak in the conspiracy.  The problem, though, is that this isn't even a good conspiracy theory.

On a side note, President Juan Manuel Santos must really be in the conservative doghouse if the right in the United States can't even mention his name (he was, of course, the other driving force of the agreement along with Chávez, which seriously undermines Noriega's rant unless he now sees Santos as somehow hypnotized by Chávez).  Now even Honduran President Porfirio Lobo is in the doghouse.


Mike Allison 10:20 PM  

I don't know. Noriega has more experience on the historical relationship between Hezbollah and Honduras than any of us.

Maybe we should ask Ambassador Negroponte for a second opinion.

Aguachile 3:14 AM  

A brilliant commentary, Greg.

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