Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More on Chile's binomial system

Discussion over reform of the binomial system continues in Chile.  Claudio Fuentes, who has been writing about this regularly over past months, notes the changing political calculations of the center-right National Renovation Party.  In particular, RN may believe the electoral system is benefiting the right wing UDI party at its expense.  Plus, since it is no longer in the opposition RN may be looking more at gaining a majority rather than simply acting as a veto player.  It is noteworthy that just two years ago while it was still in opposition, the right blocked reforms.

This is a "stay tuned" situation but there seems to be a certain amount of political momentum gradually building.


Roque Planas 4:17 PM  

Thanks for this. Chile's binomial system seems comparable to the electoral college here--obviously anti-democratic, yet completely resistent to reform. Do you care to venture a guess as to whether this discussion will lead to reform?

Greg Weeks 4:28 PM  

Chances are certainly higher than they've ever been, but it is hard to predict because it is even more difficult to agree on what should replace it.

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