Thursday, October 27, 2011

Debating the Univision debate

Jorge Castañeda writes about the potential Republican boycott of a Univision debate.

But if they go ahead with the boycott, the contenders will have created another dilemma: Appearing to snub Univision's enormous audience could have grave consequences for the GOP nominee in November. 

This is a common argument, but I don't think it is accurate. Latinos are already overwhelmingly Democrats, and have a very clear view of what the Republican primary strategy is like. It is therefore very hard to imagine too many Latinos suddenly changing their view of the Republicans, either for better or worse. The Univision issue will be very quickly forgotten, and will not change many, if any, minds.


Randy Paul 3:39 PM  

Where it may be interesting is in the Cuban-American right wing in, say, Florida. While it probably wouldn't swing them to the Democrats, it would leave a bitter taste IMHO.

Defensores de Democracia 5:31 PM  

Republican Party : My contribution to the GOP on how to ripen Marco Rubio for Vice President : As with a hard avocado : wrap it in newspapers, use the gas that a bunch of bananas or apples release - The Avocado will be soon mature

And apply a little of Sarah Palin's Magic Pepper :

Wrap Marco Rubio in Newspapers or in Fox News if that is possible. I think that the wrapping in Newspapers has already begun because of the Encomiastic Laudatory Eulogies that I read in the Republican Press. That is High praise and commendation of the Latino Trojan Horse to attract Latinos to the voting booth, in the same way that flies are captured in a sticking paper impregnated with honey.

If you are a fan of Avocados like me, then you will find that the Newspapers work wonders ripening the Avocado, and a bunch of bananas or apples accelerates the process of maturation.

The GOP has grave problems of being accessible to Minorities. There are Latino "renegades" working for this tribe, but I think that their efforts will bear poor fruits.

America is an Exceptional Nation and has Great Exceptionalism : Where else can an unknown guy skyrocket to fame and even to the Presidency after being perfectly unknown.

The bets are open in all casinos and gamblers, bettors and bookies are attentive to see if this Cuban American Guy ( Marco Rubio ) is launched to Political Stardom.

Like Sarah Palin - Sigh ... Sigh .... Sigh ....

Jason Eichorst,  10:03 AM  

Although this action is unlikely to change any minds, it may affect Latino turnout, which is more important in the U.S. context.

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