Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quote of the day: Guatemala

From the New York Times Magazine:

"I don't know that he took their money, but he certainly took their girls."

--the Chair of the UN Special Committee on Palestine, regarding how Israelis worked to get the favor of the Guatemalan committee member in 1947.


leftside 12:47 PM  

This is a fascinating, yet strangely untold story until now. More than bribing the UN reps with girls and lavish welcome parties, the operation was notable for the extensive spying network, which allowed the Zionists to know exactly what everyone was thinking and have prepared answers ready to go. The result was something few expected - the creation of Israel on Palestinian land.

Anonymous,  2:36 PM  

Abbas going to the UN was a gutsy but correct move. Zionist did it back then with success. No reason why the same can happen with the Palestinians, although lacking such an extensive spy network.

leftside 2:18 AM  

Anon brings up the supreme Israeli (and US) hypocrisy in trying to deny Palestinians the same opportunity in front of the UN that Israel owes to its existence.

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