Sunday, March 11, 2012

Honoring unused Venezuelan doctors

In what I guess is unintended irony, Hugo Chávez (or whoever he puts in charge) wrote a tweet honoring Venezuelan doctors even while sitting in Havana because he refuses to use Venezuelan doctors. The bottom line is that Venezuelan doctors are certainly capable of dealing with his cancer, but Venezuela is not Cuba when it comes to control over information. Chávez does not want Venezuelans or anyone else to know precisely what's wrong with him, and treatment in Caracas would yield leaks. Dictatorships obsessed with information control don't have that problem.

Chávez may come back to Venezuela next week. He isn't saying--that news came from the president of Colombia, of all people. As a result, Venezuelans are forced to wait for Nelson Bocaranda to tell them the current rumors, I suppose based on messages coming from Chávez's entourage. Currently he's saying that Chávez needs 25 radiation sessions and has done five so far, including on Saturday.


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