Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spanish briefing

Thanks to a colleague in Spanish for pointing this out to me.  On Thursday the State Department held its first press briefing in Spanish.

It's a great idea. Any way to reach out more to the Latin American media is a good move, as it is a very real sign that the U.S. is taking Latin America seriously and trying to engage it. That goes far beyond just U.S. policy toward Latin America, as the questions often focused on the Middle East.

And yes, of course it's spin. But it's not a bad idea to spin people in their own language. It's part of el poder blando.


Vicente Duque 12:29 PM  

Surprise : John McCain and Joe Biden go to visit the "Virgin of Guadalupe" :

March 8, 2012, Mike Hammer gives the first Spanish Language Press Conference. - Everything went well :

Topic : Elections in Mexico, Climate Change .... The State Department is promoting its Foreign Policy in the Middle East in the Western Hemisphere in the Spanish Language. The Sanctions against Iran because of possible Nuclear Developments ( developed bomb not known ). Assad in Syria and violations of Human Rights.

There were Journalists from Spain making question too.

Latin American countries should understand what is happening in Syria : Horrible Violence against humble people.

The State Department spokesman Mike Hammer speaks in a very humble colloquial Spanish and seems very friendly, sympathetic or empathic with the journalists. He seems to be best friend with the Journalists.

This is not "University Spanish" or "Diplomatic Spanish", things seem to go very well and the State Department seems very convincing and persuading.

This is an idea of Hillary Clinton, State Secretary.

How to persuade Brazil to more collaboration with U. S. Foreign Policy with respect to the Middle East.

Topics about Cuba and the Pope going to that island. Also a man Alan Gross that is a prisoner in Cuba. Cuban American journalist seem pushy.

The Summit in Colombia ( ally of the USA ) and the possibility of some nations that don't want to go there.

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