Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bachelet's Platform

In our book (which we are hoping to get into paperback) Silvia Borzuztky and I--along with our contributors--argue among other things that Michelle Bachelet made tons of campaign promises, then rather quickly found it difficult to keep them because of her focus on consensus. Ironically, then, consensus generated conflict.

So I took a look at her current promises. They are expansive and all over the place. Beyond the predictable, like education reform, there is tax reform, a new constitution, better dental care for women, more ambulances, animal rights, more parks, and enhanced freedom of worship.

Pablo Longueira's sudden withdrawal due to depression leaves the door open even wider for her. But you have to wonder what will happen if she does. Last time she managed to maintain her personal appeal while leaving her coalition in absolute tatters and not achieving much of what she promised. And now she's promising even more.


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