Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Correa Cools on Snowden

What a difference a few days make. Rafael Correa seemed to be Edward Snowden's champion, ready to thumb his nose at the U.S. government just as he had with Julian Assange. Then it all turned sour very fast. Ecuador's London embassy issued a safe conduct pass without authorization, which Correa quickly disowned.

Now apparently he is not even so happy that Snowden acted as a spy.

On whether Correa would like to meet him, the president said: "Not particularly. He's a very complicated person. Strictly speaking, Mr Snowden spied for some time."

In other words, he will likely be a pain in my butt, and I don't want to deal with it. Suddenly Correa admits he does not spying! Assange is much, much easier because he's not actually in Ecuador. Plus, Correa seems to be annoyed at the sense that Assange is manipulating this situation.

This outcome is likely better for Correa. He made his grand statement about U.S. policy and the APTDEA (which likely would have expired very soon anyway) but does not actually have to deal with Snowden, who does him no good. He doesn't do anything positive for any Latin American government beyond a minimal spark of independence from the United States.

If Nicolás Maduro really does take him, he's crazy...


Randy Paul,  1:03 PM  

Well, if Maduro is visited by a bird in a church maybe it will tell him to grant Snowden asylum.

Justin Delacour 3:19 PM  

"If Nicolás Maduro really does take him, he's crazy..."

I don't think Venezuela would be the ideal place for Snowden to go, but the offer from Maduro is not real grounds for calling the Venezuelan president crazy.

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