Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Spanish Migration to Latin America

In class today we talked a bit about the effects of economic crisis and migration. Someone brought up Spain, where youth unemployment is over 50% (!). This has increased emigration, and many Spaniards are going to Latin America:

Ecuador, Reino Unido, Francia y Alemania fueron los principales destinos de los emigrantes españoles en 2012, seguidos a mayor distancia de países como Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Brasil o Perú. De hecho, Ecuador ha ofrecido este año 5.500 puestos de trabajo a profesores universitarios y de primaria y secundaria españoles.

So much for the "developed" world! Interestingly, Ecuador is a popular destination both for Spaniards and, unfortunately, also for displaced Colombians (which is a humanitarian problem).


jdgalvez,  1:44 PM  

Interesting. How does this fit in with education reform in Ecuador? I thought they were closing questionable "universities"? Any resentment from "native" academics about the influx? My wife is from Ecuador but we hadn't heard about this. Lots of Ecuadorians in Spain too. Are those connections leading to Spanish-Ecuadorian immigration?

Greg Weeks 1:51 PM  

Good questions but I don't know the answers. It seems reasonable to argue that an established stream of migrants from Ecuador to Spain would then make it a logical place for Spaniards to try. At the same time, Ecuador is actively trying to get its own emigrants back from Spain!


jdgalvez,  8:11 AM  


Anonymous,  8:34 AM  

The Ecuadorean government is hiring many Spaniards, particularly in the field of teaching. The Spanish immigrants are relatively well-educated and, though relatively expensive, would strengthen the Ecuadorean educational system due to the level of their training. This seems like a far-sighted investment and a win-win.

Anonymous,  8:39 AM  


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