Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Traitoring Human Rights

Here's a pretty searing indictment of the military government by Chilean presidential candidate Evelyn Matthei, whose father was a junta member:

Sacar la voz no era fácil, porque usted en ese minuto estaba a favor del gobierno militar o estaba en contra del gobierno militar. Si estaba a favor, usted no podía hablar de los derechos humanos y si hablaba de los derechos humanos, usted era una traidora.

It is nice to hear this acknowledged by an UDI candidate (even if a bit weaselly) which comes on the heels of another prominent member of UDI rethinking the dictatorship. I wrote before that the presidential campaign won't be about the coup or Pinochet, which I still think is true, yet outside the campaign itself the right seems to be addressing the violence of the dictatorship more than ever before, even without feeling the need to criticize the left in the same breath. That is all to the good.

Yes, that is an improper use of the word "traitor" but I liked how it sounded.


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