Thursday, October 24, 2013

Send In The Mexican Clowns

After Francisco Rafael Avellano Felix was killed by someone dressed as a clown, Mexican clowns are standing up and honking their noses on behalf of all clowns everywhere. Clowns are not killers, they say.

This, though, is sad:

‘‘We clowns suffer robberies,’’ Morales said. ‘‘The criminals have stolen our vehicles, our costumes, our sound equipment, our makeup, and with these same tools we use to work, they use them to commit robberies.’’

I find clowns kinda creepy, perhaps because of reading too many Stephen King novels as a kid, but let's not rob the poor clowns in order to kill people while wearing their stuff. On the other hand, I would stay away from this for fear of generating nightmares:

An estimated 500 clowns from around Mexico and the rest of Latin America gathered Wednesday at the International Clown Meeting and held a 15-minute laugh-a-thon ‘‘to demonstrate their opposition to the generalized violence that prevails in our country.’’


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