Monday, October 28, 2013


Talk about personalistic politics. Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has a political movement, the "Uribe Centro Democrático" (here is the official website). He does not bother hiding that he is the personal driving force of this movement, which is driven by, naturally, uribismo.

Oscar Iván Zuluaga just won the candidacy of these Uribes. He immediately said that he would be the "greatest defender of Uribismo." When asked about whether the choice of candidate was actually fair, Uribe wouldn't answer. And btw, like Uribe, Zuluaga is being investigated for his ties to paramilitary groups, which I think means that for Uribe he is the perfect choice.

Photo from this news story

I guess one thing we've learned is that Uribe's complete and total obsession with Hugo Chávez has had the effect of copying him. Long live the eternal Uribe and his pack of Uribes!


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