Monday, November 25, 2013

Tweeting the Honduran Election

Tweeting a photo of yourself praying thanks to God for winning an election that you have not yet won is perhaps the best visual of how messed up the Honduran election is. Juan Orlando Hernández's Partido Nacional also tweeted how thankful his wife was to God (who must truly work in mysterious ways) for early vote counts. So there was Hernández tweeting he won while Xiomara Castro tweeted that she is the new president of the country. Her Partido Libre tweeted that (at least for now, I guess) it wasn't recognizing any official results. It was doing that in part because the TSE had tweeted that Hernández was leading. I'm actually a bit surprised that Nicolás Maduro has had nothing to tweet about it at all.

Funny how Twitter became the medium of choice and as far as I can tell also became the primary source for the mainstream media. When more results are released a few hours from now, you can bet Twitter will be aflame.


ConsDemo 9:11 AM  

I haven't been able to view the TSE's website (the screen remains blank when I open it), so I have to rely on the press for results from the Presidential election and I haven't seen any results for the Honduran legislature.

Of course the chavistas (LIBRE) claimed fraud since like their ideological cousins in Venezuela, they can't conceive a scenario where the voters pick someone other their candidate.

One big takeaway from all of this is that Honduras needs a run-off election. I don't have any reason to doubt Orlando's margin, but he still won't have much of a mandate with 35 percent.

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