Monday, February 10, 2014

Trusting Immigration Enforcement

Today's Charlotte Observer editorial hits the nail on the head about the John Boehner's backing off immigration reform:

“There’s widespread doubt about whether this administration can be trusted to enforce our laws,” Boehner said Thursday at the Capitol. “And it’s going to be difficult to move any immigration legislation until that changes.” 
This, of course, is like your 10-year-old telling you that he really wanted to clean his room, but he couldn’t trust that you would ever be satisfied. The “yes-we-can-well-no-we-can’t” also has the classic markings of a political bait-and-switch. Tell the voters that you really want to get things done, and even release a list of “standards” dealing how. Then, when the other side disagrees on the prescription, say “Well, we tried.”

Read more here:

As I say until I end up turning blue, President Obama has enforced immigration law and deported more people than any president in the history of the United States. If there is one thing you can trust him on, it is to keep up enforcement.

This goes back to Kevin Siers' great cartoon almost three years ago on the exact same topic. From a political perspective, this will remain a losing battle for Republicans.


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