Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cheech & Chong Leading Venezuelan Protests?

I am confused. The Venezuelan interior minister reports that nine people have been detained for leading and financing protests. It is not entirely why that is a crime but let's move on to the next point, which is the truly perplexing one:

He said that those previously detained, whom they also identified as ringleaders, confessed they acted not just for the money but also in exchange for "genetically modified marijuana." 
"They give them that drug to get them high and keep them in permanent activity against security forces," Rodriguez said.
I am just wondering how someone high on marijuana can be kept in any permanent activity except sitting on a sofa. I did not know there was GM marijuana, so I Googled and discovered that it is quite common. The level of THC is higher than in the past, meaning that if anything you can't even be bothered to change the TV channel, much less get off the sofa.

"There's the protest, man!"


Anonymous,  8:28 AM  

The link you post actually explains that no, there is no such thing as GM cannabis yet (‘The most off-base part of Kennedy’s claim is that the rise in THC levels comes from "genetic modification"’). What we have is much better strain selection, and industry-grade agricultural techniques; in short, exactly what we have with any crop.

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